HANSA - TEX Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2000 in Częstochowa. We belong to the Oellerking STW group based in Schleswig in northern Germany, whose traditions and experience date back to 1905.

We are one of the leading European manufacturers of tarpaulins and system solutions for textile products. We deal with serial production of truck and rail tarpaulins, as well the tarpaulins for agricultural machinery. The materials we use are characterized by high resistance to both external weather conditions and mechanical damage.

We have been constantly developing for almost 20 years, we take on new challenges by expanding the range of our products. We have well-equipped and prepared production lines, our own sewing and lettering dept. Hansa - Tex products meet all current road transport requirements. We offer tarpaulins for almost all types of vehicles, exactly according to the user's needs.

The quality of Hansa-Tex tarpaulins has proven itself for many years in the toughest conditions. Thanks to the high quality of used materials and the performance of our products, well-known transport and logistics companies trust us.

We specialize in the packaging of unusual products in the field of welding, sewing light and heavy technical fabrics, graphics on technical fabrics and foils.

Accumulated experience, established market position and potential allow the company to boldly plan further development. It needs to be highlighted that the activity of Hansa - Tex is characterized by high flexibility, which allows responding to current trends in the technical industry and matching the production range to market needs.

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